We offer e-learning solutions that aim to improve organisational performance. To do so, we have developed and produced a unique blend of content in order to facilitate change and maximise learning transfer while improving corporate culture.

Series of 5 courses

Improve the quality of the meetings you participate to and organize.

You will be surprised by the results you'll obtain: reducing your number of meetings by at least 20%; participation rules respected by all; a more optimal communication; a work climate in which teamwork will take all its sense. The coaching scenarios and analyses will allow you to progress and improve the quality of your leadership.

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Series of 3 courses

Add a thirteenth month to your year

Improve the way you manage your time and your priorities through a combination of real-life scenarios, expert clips, and practical exercises. This integrated techno-pedagogical method will raise your awareness of the crucial importance of time on your effectiveness. It will allow you to rapidly apply concrete solutions and will show you how to successfully engage your project stakeholders in these changes.

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Employees lose an average of
45 minutes per day

Organisations that invest in improving time and priority management practices make significant productivity gains and increase stakeholder statisfaction.

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The value of time lost

average is 45 min
$ / hour

You stand up to gain up to $ in added productivity

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What clients have to say about Chronos

The concrete, human, direct and sometimes funny tone is great throughout the course. Clearly one of the strengths of the product.
The ideas and theories are well synthesized, which allow us to quickly apply them in real situations.
It's masterly! What a great production! Very well done and professional.

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