Learning and coaching strategy


Self-awareness - informed by the works of Piaget - proposes reflection, an auto-diagnosis, new knowledge acquisition, and utilisation of tools, methods and models aimed at helping you better know yourself and better understand your workplace environment.

In action

In action - inspired in part by the work of Kurt Lewin at MIT -includes realistic case studies and role plays that target the rapid integration of best practices. Inter-modular exercises then give you an immediate opportunity to begin applying and refining them.

With others

Finally, with others helps you better understand the optimal behaviours and attitudes needed to continually improve your skills in the communicational context.

Strategic planning

  • Diagnosis and organizational design
  • Vision, mission and corporate values
  • Modernization of corporate culture
  • Strategic plan development
  • Transformation Project
  • Change management
  • Performance Management
  • Evaluation of the quality of services
  • Revision of service offers
  • Individual or team coaching and mentoring
  • Customer service

Research and innovation

Partnering with post-secondary institutions is a fundamental facet of the Institute's own journey of continuous improvement. We recognize the significant contributions of past and present academic partnerships (University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM), McGill and HEC) in the development and design of our products. A prime example is the study conducted by researchers at McGill whose results indicated a learning transfer rate of 53% (the market norm is 15%) in the context of training programs given by Must Management, then directed by Marc Pepin. The Institute continues to support and develop such partnerships in order to demonstrate, among other things, the high value added of its programs. Learning transfer and return on investment are among the main themes studied.

  • ADN program (agility, dialogue, neuroleadership)

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